We Corral Your Critters!

Buckaroo Pest Protection is your premier provider of effective, comprehensive, and non-intrusive pest control services in North Texas.

Our posse will perform all all-encompassing property inspection to identify points of entry, type of infestation, and the best treatment options. We will then customize a maintenance plan using what we like to call A.N.T.S. which stands for: Automatic, Notification, Technology System.


We protect your loved ones from pests & pesticide exposure by using botanical & barricades. We pride ourselves in efficiently creating a barrier between you and the insects, rodents, and pests. Our posse knows what works… and what doesn’t! We strategically make applications using tried and true embedding techniques where bugs hide, breed, and fester. We take care of your infestation lock, stock and barrel.


Feathery, shiny, slippery, furry, winged, stinging. No matter what type of pest plagues your home or business, we have the knowledge and experience to get them out and keep them out.